HPE 362

Final Project Analysis


Some of the following themes inherent in the class readings and lecture may be helpful in your analysis:


1.      Sport as a political tool


a.       Is sport used to build a political machine?

b.      Is sport used as a means of social control?

c.       Is sport used as a means to manipulate groups?

d.      Is sport used to promote a particular ideology?

e.       Do alternative groups use sport to oppose a particular ideology?

f.        Is sport used to bring different groups together or is it a divisive factor in society?

g.       What is the relationship between sports (and its promoters) and politicians?


2.      Sport as a means to civic pride


a.       How does sport promote or diminish civic pride?

b.      What role do sports spectacles play in the process?

c.       How does sport fit into the urban planning process?

Film 1 Analysis:  Cricket, The Trobriand Way

3 pages minimum


1.      What theoretical perspective does the film support?  Give examples to support your opinion.



2.      In what ways did the islanders adopt the game of cricket to their own cultural values?  Give examples.



3.      Do you think the islanders would play their own version of cricket or the English version of the game if the British had stayed in the islands?  Why or why not?